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From beaker to production, quickly.

Your new product is a game-changer, but scaling into production and navigating MOCRA is a challenge. You need hair and skin care manufacturing specialists with the right ingredient suppliers to move fast and meet your timeline.

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Certifications earned in our 28 year manufacturing history


Your initial sample by Mon, Mar 25th.

Depend on our team to exceed industry standards while upholding an exceptional level of quality. Receive rapid results through our existing connections with unique ingredient suppliers and the country’s top testing labs.

Your product, scaled and delivered.

  • Meet your aggressive milestones
  • Avoid the Restricted Ingredients Catalog
  • Create the most amazing product

Your best chance of meeting your deadline is getting started today.

Every day you wait is jeopardizing the opportunity for your product to secure a coveted spot on store shelves.

Have your initial sample in hand by Mon, Mar 25th.

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