From beaker to production, quickly.

Your new product is a game-changer, but scaling into production and navigating MOCRA is a challenge. You need hair and skin care manufacturing specialists with the right ingredient suppliers to move fast and meet your timeline.

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Your product, scaled and delivered.
On time.

Our streamlined onboarding process ensures fast sign-off from your regulatory department, sustainability department, and CFO. We work with the country’s top testing labs to move your product through production fast.


IP Protection

We take your intellectual property seriously. We work with you to ensure the unique composition and ownership of your formula is protected.


Produce Your Product

Our state-of-the-art labs continually deliver samples for your review until your requirements are met.


Receive Your Samples

Before your first sample is produced, we test it for elements in the Restricted Ingredients Catalog.

"When I get to walk into Ulta holding my daughter’s hand and hear her say, 'My mommy made that,'' it’s one of the best feelings I can get."
Ashley, Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we specialize in working with clean formulas.

Components must be provided 4 weeks before the scheduled production date.

We hold several prestigious certifications that underscore our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental stewardship:

- Certified by the California Department of Health for Cosmetics Manufacturing and Organic Processed Products.
- QAI Certified for the NSF/ANSI 305 Personal Care Standard and Organic Certificate by QAI.
- ISO 22716 (Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by SGS.
- ISO 14644 Class 8 Clean Room certification.

Our filling capabilities include bottles, tubes, hot pours, and sachets.

Our R&D fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, we do store components.

Yes, we have in-house testing capabilities.

Our storage policy includes a fee for utilizing our storage capabilities.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) typically starts at 10,000 units. However, we understand the unique needs of different clients and markets. For products that align well with our manufacturing capabilities and market demand, we are open to negotiating lower MOQs. This flexibility allows us to support a wider range of clients, including those with niche markets or smaller scale operations.

Don’t see your question answered here, visit our FAQ page.


Safe, high quality products are the cornerstone of our business.

I believe that true success is measured not only by the quality of our products but also by the positive impact we have on the lives of those who interact with them.

I am proud to say that at TCI, we view our employees as family, and their safety and satisfaction are paramount.

Just as I prioritize the safety of my own family, I am equally committed to ensuring that every product on our production floor is something I would be proud to have in my own home.

Thank you for considering TCI. I look forward to working together.


Steven Mason

VP of Sales

P.S. I read & reply to every email. Please email me directly if there is anything I can help you with.